Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Blinds in the Library

Over the weekend I decided to remove the ugly curtains that the previous owner's left behind from the windows in our front room/sitting room/library. (I call it our library because it's where our bookshelves are.)

I saw some cordless blinds in a Christmas Tree Shops circular and thought they would be a good and relatively inexpensive idea for these windows.

Actually, I thought of getting them for our windows in the dining room, but I wanted to test drive them in a less conspicuous area in case they were really bad or I royally screwed them up.

It's kind of hard to take pictures when the room is dark (no overhead lighting) and there is light coming through the windows. But hopefully you get the gist of things from this picture. I like that there's more light coming through these blinds - it brightens up the room - but it still offers privacy.

Hanging these blinds was pretty easy to do. I had a migraine while doing it, and the amount of force I had to exert on the screwdriver wasn't super helpful for my head (or my hands), but other than that, I think I would use them again for other windows!

Tell me, have you ever found anything good at Christmas Tree Shops? I tend to stay away from the store because 1. it has nothing to do with Christmas and 2. it's kind of a mess. But every so often I venture inside after seeing something enticing in the circular.

Here's another picture of the new blinds, taken from a little farther away so you can see more of the room:

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