Friday, April 24, 2015

Gluten-Free in New Hampshire's White Mountains

This is the last post from our gluten-free adventures in New Hampshire at the beginning of the month. One of the coolest things we did was drive through the White Mountains! Not only was the scenery really great, but the food was great, too.

Unfortunately, we were there during the off-season, so we couldn't go exploring through the mountains and do all the outdoorsy things one could do if the weather had been nice and the ground hadn't been snow-covered. Of course, we could have gone skiing, and we even saw the ski slopes populated with people that weekend, but we both agreed that we have NO interest in ever going skiing.

I'm more of a hot cocoa in the ski lodge than doing anything physical on a mountain kind of person.

So, back to what's really important about this post: the food!

First up, we had lunch at Rafferty's. This restaurant is just a simple pub and grill, but it also has one of the largest gluten-free restaurants in New England! And all of the staff have been trained for gluten awareness. When we were there, a little girl came in with her family and ordered the gluten-free mac and cheese!

Speaking of mac and cheese, I had the regular lobster mac and cheese, which was pretty good, although I was expected the lobster meat to be cut up and really mixed in with the pasta. Instead, it was in huge chunks! My husband had a gluten-free Philly Cheesesteak burger. (He loves cheesesteaks.)

Word of caution: COME HUNGRY! The portions were large, and we were both still pretty full from breakfast, so we couldn't even finish everything on our plates!

But that didn't stop us from checking out the White Mountain Cupcakery just around the corner from Rafferty's. This place won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network!

I got a cupcake with raspberry filling and coconut on top of vanilla frosting. (Can't remember what it was called right now...) It was very good, and I even waited a few hours until dinnertime to eat it and it still tasted fresh!

Unfortunately, we were there on a Friday, and they only make gluten-free cupcakes on a Saturday. You can also special order them, but I doubt we could have special ordered one cupcake for my husband. So just keep the timing in mind if you're going to visit them for a gluten-free cupcake.

That was our adventure in New Hampshire! Know of any other good gluten-free places we should check out? I'm sure we'll be back there at some point!

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