Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Take 5

I'm still working on getting our Christmas photos scrapped. Here's the latest two-pager I completed the other day. Those Christmas trees were inspired by a scrapbook page that I saw on Pinterest. Mine ended up smaller than the ones I saw on Pinterest, but I tried to make it work.

To make the trees, I just folded a piece of patterned paper in half and drew one side of the tree (using a ruler helped), then I cut along the line I drew, unfolded the paper, and voila. Christmas tree.

For these embellishments, I had a sheet of paper that was patterned with Christmas ornaments, so I just cut out a whole bunch of them to use as embellishments. I adhered the ornaments to a small square of patterned paper with a foam dot to give the scrapbook page some depth.

I'm always surprised when I go through my stash and find journaling spots that match the color scheme I'm working with. This one actually had a square border around it, but I just cut out the circle.

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