Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Easy Easter Centerpiece

I made an Easter Pinterest board with lots of Easter crafts, basket stuffers, and recipes to get into the Easter spirit (and bring a little bit of spring to our Northeast winter that just won't let up).

On this board you'll find three different centerpiece ideas using jelly beans, Peeps, and flowers. They're all pretty much the same idea, and I liked it so much that I made one myself. Honestly, I just used the pinned images as guidance because putting this together really is easy and straightforward. But I wanted to share just a few tips on how I did mine.

I used six five-ounce containers of jelly beans (any color you want), two 12-count packs of bunny Peeps (any color you want), a 10-inch vase, and a large plastic cup.

The trick to this is placing a large plastic cup in the center of the vase to hold the flowers and keep the jelly beans and Peeps upright. The cup I used was a souvenir cup from a baseball game. It was just the right size, and a way to actually use it instead of have it take up space in our kitchen cabinets.

In order to keep any jelly beans from falling into the cup when I dumped them into the vase, I covered the cup with aluminum foil.

After you fill the bottom of the vase around the cup with jelly beans, stack the Peeps on top of the jelly beans around the vase. This will cover up the cup, so you won't even be able to tell that it's there! Fill the cup with water and place the flowers inside the cup.

I wouldn't recommend eating any of this once Easter ends because it will probably be a bit stale. But the good news is that you won't actually use all the Peeps you buy. I had about four or five left over...for eating!

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