Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Duke vs. Pitt

In November, my husband and I went to visit my brother-in-law in Pittsburgh. He's a college student there, and we took him to a college football game between his team, Pitt, and Duke.

Pitt lost after a disastrous field goal attempt that should have clinched the win. I was really hoping that the field goal would be good because it was cold and rainy the whole game, and I was ready to make our way over to Red Robin for dinner!

Pitt plays football games at Heinz Field, which is a pro football stadium. Because it is Heinz field, there is this whole ketchup thing that happens whenever the team makes it into touchdown territory. It's called the Red Zone.

And whenever it's Red Zone time, the Heinz ketchup bottles over the scoreboard tilt down and red "ketchup" appears on the screen. I had to take pictures of this! It was kind of creeping me out because I thought the ketchup looked more like blood than ketchup.

What do you guys think? 

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