Monday, February 23, 2015

Meal Plan Monday - February 23

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I meant to write some stuff and schedule it to go up, but I was sick and then I had to work for 10 days straight. So I didn't really get around to writing blog posts. I promise to be better this week!

Before we get off topic about last week, I should just say that last week's meal plan totally did not happen. What can I say? Plans change. I'm sure you guys have weeks that are planned out with the best of intentions but then it all gets off track. I still like to do a meal plan even if I suspect the week is going to be crazy because at least it helps me know what I need at the grocery store and gives us a fridge and pantry that is stocked with stuff we can eat.

So now we're on to this week's meal plan, which should prove to be pretty stable:

Sunday - ground turkey ragu with tagliatelle*

Monday - waffles, eggs, and hash browns

Tuesday - pasta carbonara

Wednesday - Mrs. Leeper's chicken alfredo

Thursday - tuna sandwich melts with fries

Friday - veggie burgers with fries

Saturday - TBD (depends on what's on sale when I go grocery shopping, which will be on Saturday)

*denotes a new recipe

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