Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Moving right along through my 2014 scrapbook album (or rather the last of my 2014 scrapbook albums), here is a two-pager I made of a visit to a corn maze in October. We got a GroupOn for corn maze admission and pumpkin picking at Ort Farms in NJ.

The corn maze was in the shape of a cowboy on horseback, so when planning this one out, I started with the cowboy-themed October Afternoon stuff in my stash. The light-colored patterned papers are also October Afternoon, and I added the black-and-white polka dot pages from my random stack of scrapbook papers.

I took the map (if you can even call it that - it wasn't very good) from the corn maze and cut it in half to divide it among the layout's two pages. I love the way that looks when the pages are side by side like this, but I know they aren't going to be that close in the actual album. Oh well!

I loved the look of the "This Moment" wooden embellishment from my stash, and I thought it would be perfect to go with this picture of me at the last marker in the corn maze before the exit. We had wandered aimlessly for what seemed like a very long time and hadn't seen any markers, but somehow we got to the last marker and it was very exciting!

Even with our poor sense of direction in the corn maze, we still had a good time. Then we picked pumpkins and bought some apple cider donuts in the shop. I can't wait until fall comes back around  so we can do fun fall activities like this again! There's nothing fun to do in January and February when it's snowing!

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