Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beef Stew Pot Pies in Mini Ramekins

One of the most popular pins on my Pinterest boards has been this one: 21 Reasons to Bust Out a Ramekin.

Well, I'm here to give you a 22nd reason.

After looking through the 21 things you can make in mini ramekins, I got the idea that instead of doing chicken pot pies (which we love!), what if I combined our gluten-free chicken pot pie recipe with our gluten-free beef stew recipe?

The end result: Beef Stew Pot Pies!

I cooked the beef stew in the crockpot like normal, using gluten-free all-purpose flour to coat the beef. Then, after putting down a layer of the gluten-free pie dough in each ramekin, I spooned in some of the beef stew and covered it with another layer of pie dough. Then I baked these at 425 for 20 minutes. Let cool for about 10 minutes. These will be hot and bubbly!

Definitely make sure your potatoes and beef are sliced up much smaller than you would normally do it if you were just making a regular stew. That way, they don't take up so much space in the pot pie.

Just like the chicken pot pies, these were a hit! And we had leftover beef stew for a second dinner, which is always a good thing!

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