Friday, January 16, 2015

Why I'm Not Impressed with Jamberry

A few months ago, a friend of mine hosted a Jamberry nail wraps party, and even though I couldn't attend the party, I still ordered a $15 set of nail wraps from my friend online. These nail wraps are supposed to be a more cost-effective way to give yourself a manicure (as opposed to going to an expensive salon) and the manicure is supposed to last longer with no chipping or flaking.

Unfortunately, the two times I tried my nail wraps did not give me a satisfying experience. Here's why.

terrible instructions
If you've never seen someone apply the nail wraps in person, don't try to do it yourself using only the instructions on the package. You HAVE to watch the official how-to video, otherwise, you're not going to know some very important, and possibly helpful, information.

Did you know you're not supposed to touch the nail wraps with your fingers? And that you're supposed to cut the nail wraps in half? And that "filing in a downward motion" probably doesn't mean what you think it does?

Not knowing any of that on my first application attempt made the application process really difficult and frustrating. After getting a nail wrap on only one thumb, it looked so bad that I removed the nail wrap and just painted my nails with polish.

I did decide to give the nail wraps a second try after watching the how-to video. I was more optimistic, but I still ended up removing the wraps after only one day of wear. Here's why:

1. It was more difficult applying the nail wraps with my non-dominant hand than using nail polish. This seems like it should be a two-person job if you're not ambidextrous.

2. I don't think my nails are abnormally sized, but the majority of the nail wraps on the sheet were too big for my nails. That meant they didn't stick right on my nails despite my attempts to smooth them out and get the sides to adhere.

You can see the improper fit of the wraps on my
ring, middle, and pointer fingers.

3. Filing off the excess only makes the tips of the nail wraps look ratty and unkempt. I also had a hard time getting the tips of my nail wraps to stay stuck to the tips of my nails.

improper fit, ugly tips
4. The company says you can use a blow dryer as your heat source, but they really want you to shell out more money for the official Jamberry heater. You can't hold a blow dryer and apply pressure to the wraps with one hand. (Again, two-person job.)

When I was finished, the Jamberry manicure looked okay, but after wearing them all day at work, I realized I had been fooling myself. My nails are on camera quite a bit for work, and while filming, I saw just how sloppy some of the nail wraps looked.

I can't give Jamberry a third try because even though there are nail wraps left on my sheet, none of them are the right size for my nails, and I'd rather not spend another $15 plus shipping for another sheet.
What am I supposed to do with those giant wraps?
For $15, I could buy two colors of nail polish. (I could also get a professional manicure in NYC.) Even though it probably took me half the time to apply the nail wraps as it does to paint my nails, I'd still rather spend my Sunday night sitting in front of my TV with my polishes watching trash TV instead of standing in my bathroom by myself with my blow dryer.


  1. I just happened to run across your blog and just wanted to give a few thoughts. 1- the consultant you purchased from really should have followed up with you and offered to help you out with any issues you were having. 2- it sounds like you have nail beds that are on the smaller side. You could try the Junior sizes to see if those might work better (a consultant could show you a set first so that you didn't have to spend money on them if they didn't work). 3- the largest wraps are for pedicures.

    I am truly sorry you had a bad experience and didn't seem to have good follow-up from the consultant you purchased from.

    1. I had no idea they made them in junior sizes! Now that I know that, I will have to look into those. Thanks for the info!


    2. Laurie,
      I would be happy to send you a sample of the Junior sizes so that you can see if it might work for you!
      I'd be happy to help!


  2. Had the same experience with my 1st Jamberry purchase and was very disappointed. I'm sure some of it was due to first time user error (even though I watched the video and followed all recommendations), but the amount of issues I had were just too many to justify purchasing again. Mine peeled within hours :/ I also already have a gel kit and get results that are infinitely better than with Jamberry