Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Fastest December Daily in the West

Here it is, you guys! My December Daily album for 2014. I literally put it together in one evening. In the past, I've spent time prepping the pages beforehand, and then adding in all the pictures I took either as the month of December went along or right after.

Not this year.

This year, I didn't decide until mid-December what I was going to do!

I had a little board book album in my stash, and so instead of going out and buying something fancy, I just decided to use the board book as my DD album.

I took a Christmas-themed paper pad and cut patterned paper to fit each page. Then, I printed all the December pictures I had shared on Instagram through Walgreens and adhered one picture to each page.

On the last page, I created a pocket for holding all the Christmas cards we received this year. Just to make sure the cards didn't fall out and get separated, I punched a hole at the top of each card and strung them together with an extra binder clip.

As you can see, I also wrote on the pictures so I could remember just what the heck they were pictures of.

Literally, you guys, I did this in one night! December Daily albums don't have to be daunting or major ordeals. You don't even have to do a picture a day. I stopped trying to make that happen after my first year of doing December Daily. I focused only on holiday-ish things that I did during the month of December. Keep the holiday season sane, y'all!

And if you haven't used the Walgreens app to print 4x4 pictures of your Instagram snaps, you totally should! It's such a breeze, and then you have Instagram-sized prints of the fun things you share on a daily basis!

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