Friday, January 30, 2015

Gluten-Free Mystic, CT: Somewhere in Time Cafe

My husband and I were recently in Mystic, CT to see a comedy show at Foxwoods Casino. We didn't stay at the casino (although we were told it does have gluten-free food). Instead, we stayed at a lovely little Hilton that was within driving distance of some good restaurants with gluten-free options. Today's post is about our gluten-free breakfast at a local place called Somewhere in Time Cafe.

On the day we went, one of the specials was gluten-free French toast! That's not what my husband ordered, though.

Instead, he had an omelet with a gluten-free English muffin and home fries. He said the gluten-free English muffin was very good, as was the rest of his breakfast.

For those of you not eating gluten-free, I had the City Scramble (scrambled eggs with bacon, cream cheese, and spinach), home fries, and wheat toast. Also very good!

We were so excited to find a place where my husband can breakfast! Usually, when we are on the go and need a good breakfast place, we order off the gluten-free Bob Evans menu, but if there's not a Bob Evans in the area, we are kind of out of luck. So kudos to this little restaurant for delivering a delicious breakfast that my husband could enjoy!

(Note: As with any restaurant that isn't exclusively gluten-free, there is always the chance for cross-contamination in the kitchen. If you don't feel safe eating at a restaurant like this, then by all means don't!)

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