Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Instagram Picture Frame

I normally don't do New Year's Resolutions, but I did make a resolution of sorts for this year: Go through my Pinterest boards and actually DO some of the things I've pinned. At least one new thing a month. So here is this month's Pinterest project: a DIY Instagram Picture Frame

I pinned this one to my Get Crafty Pinterest board, courtesy of the website U-Create Crafts. I thought it looked cute, but I had no idea when I started just how easy it would be and all thanks to Michael's! This is actually a project idea on Michael's website, and not only does it give you the steps to create this easy picture frame, it also lists ALL the supplies you will need and you can get them ALL at Michael's for not that much out-of-pocket cost. This is an easy and inexpensive project!

You can either order the supplies online or do what I did and write down the list of supplies (don't forget paintbrushes!) and then buy them in the store.

Gather your supplies!
This was a super easy project to complete. It did take some time because I let the paint dry in between coats. I gave everything two coats just to make sure I really got the color on there. If you're doing this project with kids, it's pretty easy for them to do themselves, but you'll definitely want to supervise and you may even need to help out with some of the little details (i.e. the camera lens on the front).

The Instagram Picture Frame is listed as a Father's Day gift idea on Michael's website, but because you can write anything you want on the bottom of the frame (#Friends, #vacation, #puppies, #hashtag), this could be a gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or for yourself!

The frame comes with a little peg stand so it stands on its own for display, but you can remove the peg stand and hang this on a wall using 3M Strips, which is what I plan on doing.

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