Monday, December 22, 2014

Leftover Stuffing Frittata

It's Christmas week, you guys! And because of that, our regularly scheduled meal plan is a little off-kilter. Instead of sharing with you what we'll be eating this week, I decided to share something that we recently made and enjoyed.

This is probably better suited to Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, but better late than never, right?

If you're EVER looking for a way to use up leftover stuffing, you have got to try this Leftover Stuffing Frittata recipe. I made it twice (because we had leftover stuffing twice) and it was just so good and easy to put together.

starting it out in the skillet - you'll need an ovenproof one

Our stuffing recipe contained pork sausage, so when you added in the egg and cheese, it was like eating all the best parts of breakfast in one bite.

This is a GREAT way to use up leftover stuffing, and it really doesn't matter what kind of stuffing you have. It all works!

Yum yum yum.

And here it is on my fork!

Whatever you're eating this week, I hope it's delicious, too!

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