Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Light Mason Jars

Oh my gosh, y'all! I actually did something crafty! I made Christmas Light Mason Jars!

Okay, so there is really nothing to this, and it's not a unique or original idea. I'm sure you've seen stuff like this before on Pinterest. But goshdarnit, I finally made it!

I say "finally" because I started these last year. Yep. Last fall to be precise. I spray painted silver spray paint on the bottoms of these mason jars in my garage last October. And then I went on the hunt for battery-operated Christmas lights. You'd think that would be an easy thing to find, especially during the Christmas season.

But no. I couldn't find stupid battery-operated lights ANYWHERE.

Until last month at Walmart.

I like these lights because they have an "on" option and a "timer" option to preserve the battery life. The timer option also means you don't have to ruin the set-up by reaching your hand in there to turn off the lights.

Don't you just love the way these look at night?

I placed them on a burlap table runner that isn't actually a table runner but an American Crafts embellishment that I found in the scrapbook section at Target. I just cut the length of the burlap that I needed to fit my table. I guess I'll use the rest of the burlap on my scrapbook layouts. This was such a fun find!

These were the first of my Christmas decorations that I put up. Is your house all ready for the holiday season? Did you make anything fun this year as home decor?

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