Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 4 Tech Gifts - Holiday Gift Guide

Technology makes our lives easier, and it also makes a great Christmas gift! But just what do you get for the technophile on your list this year?

Whether you need accessories or an actual device, I've gotten the chance to test out some pretty cool items that fit into both categories.

1. The Nest Earbud Case - Digital Innovations
I use The Nest all the time! If you or someone you know is tired of having twisted earbud cords all the time, then you have to check out this awesome product. It fully protects your earbuds, releases the earbuds easily and tangle-free, and fits easily in a pocket or purse. Plus, it's under $10!

2. Scratch Wireless
If you've got a teenager who wants his or her own phone, but you don't want to pay lots of money on a phone AND an expensive data plan, then check out Scratch Wireless. You buy the Android phone and ... THAT'S IT! Connect to a wireless network (either at home or on-the-go) for texting, surfing the web, and making phone calls. But even if you're not near wi-fi, you can still text for free! You can also purchase voice and data passes so your teen can make a phone call even when not near wi-fi.

3. Fire HD 6 and 7 - Amazon
Amazon has two new tablets out right now: the Fire HD 6 and the Fire HD 7 (pictured). The difference betwen the two? Screen size. One is six inches and the other is seven inches. (I bet you can figure out which is which.) You get wi-fi, front- and rear-facing cameras, a Gorilla Glass display, cool colors, 8 or 16 GB, and all starting at $99!

4. The Original Pocket Port - SCS Direct
If your phone is always losing battery power while you're on the go, then you might want to invest in SCS Direct's line of Pocket Ports, portable chargers for phones, tablets, and MP3 players. There are four sizes to choose from depending on how many devices you need to charge, but they all fit in a pocket, backpack, or purse. They work with your existing chargers and remain fully charged for months when not in use.

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