Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2-Page Layouts & Kit Copying

I decided to try my hand at copying another scrapbook kit. This time I went for another Scrapbook & Cards Today kit. Here is the fall 2014 kit:

And here is my kit: 

This time, I didn't look through my stash. I actually went to my local Michael's because at one time, that particular store had an amazing selection of scrapbook paper. But I found putting this kit together very difficult because the selection just wasn't there. I did find some good stuff, though, and for about $12 cheaper than ordering the actual kit. (Next time I might attempt using I'm all for experimentation.)

Here are the 2-page layouts I made using this kit. "Gravesites of the Rich & Famous" is a bunch of pictures from the self-guided tour my husband and I took of the Sleepy Hollow cemetery last year. We saw Washington Irving's grave! (It's picture No. 2.)

And "Headless" has the map of the cemetery on it along with some of the Headless Horsemen stuff in the cemetery and in the area:

I still got to use up pieces in my stash, including some excess embellishments, which is always nice. Are there any kit clubs you like to copy? Any kit in particular that you want to see how to copy? Let me know, and I'll do a blog post about it!

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