Thursday, October 9, 2014

TBT: Halloween in High School

It's almost Halloween! Do you have your Halloween costumes picked out yet? I haven't dressed up for Halloween in many years, but I used to! Even when my friends and I were in high school, we had Halloween costume parties, and that's what I'm sharing with you in this week's Throwback Thursday.

These old scrapbook pages and photos might also give you some ideas for making your own Halloween costume this year instead of going out and buying something. I'm not sure that some of my former costumes will translate well over time, but they're better options than a $60 Sexy _____ costume again. Those are kind of the only options available to women these days, but back in my day we got CREATIVE.

Freshman year: We actually went trick-or-treating this year. It was our last year where we felt that we could do it without adults looking at us in disgust. I went as Baby Spice from the Spice Girls, which was a super easy costume to put together. A dress (that I already owned), my Baby Spice necklace, hair in pigtails, Chupa Chups lollipop. Done. My mom helped me attach the words "Baby" to my dress, just like on a dress worn by Baby Spice.

Sophomore year: No trick-or-treating, but we still dressed up and had a little party. I bought a child's firefighter costume at a Halloween store, wore a white tank top underneath it with black track pants, and painted some black eyeshadow on my face so it looked like smoke all so I could be one of the members of the boy band 98 Degrees. (They dressed up as firefighters in a calendar that I owned. Don't judge.) I even drew the 98 Degrees logo on the firefighter jacket.

Junior year: This year I went as a punk rocker. I just wore clothes that were already in my closet and made a guitar out of a cereal box. I also just discovered that my parents still had that cereal box guitar in the basement. I told them they could throw it away now.

Apparently, we didn't dress up for senior year. Or at least I have no photographic and scrapbook evidence of it.

When did you stop trick-or-treating and/or dressing up for Halloween? Do you have kids who still trick or treat? Do you want to know a cool way to collect and carry around all that delicious candy on Halloween night? Come back to the blog tomorrow for an easy Halloween craft AND GIVEAWAY!

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