Thursday, October 23, 2014

2000-2001 - TBT

Usually I post old scrapbook layouts each time I do a Throwback Thursday post, but today's post is a little different. My parents came to visit the other weekend, and they brought up a big box of my old stuff. Inside the box was a photo book that one of my high school friends made for me (and everybody in our group). I thought it would be fun to showcase those pages and take a look back at what my likes and dislikes were during the 2000-2001 school year. (I guess that would have been my junior year.)

In order to make this book, my friend had given us a questionnaire about ourselves, and then she handwrote the answers in the book. We had also provided pictures for her to scan, so that she could add them to the book, along with fun cut-outs from magazines.

Looking at this first page, apparently I was an inch taller than I am now (or at least wishing I was an inch taller).

Dislikes: superficiality, pushiness, liars
Favorite food: chalupas, macaroni and cheese
Favorite drink: french vanilla cappucino (This was before I discovered Starbucks.)
Favorite actresses: Sally Field, Cheryl Ladd (WHAT?), Bette Davis
Favorite fashion trends: flared jeans, 3/4 length shirts, stuff from Goodwill
Favorite songs: "Teenage Dirtbag" - Wheatus, anything Hanson, "I'll Stand By You" - The Pretenders
Favorite movies: Evita, Star Wars
Most memorable Crimson (the name of our group) moment: "We always go to Six Flags even though it's always unbearably hot."
Here's what I had to say about myself: "I'm shy and nice. I'm also funny and a little weird."

And here are a few things that my friends wrote about me back then:
"Laurie is always on top of things and gets things done. She's smart and is the bomb diggity of her guard work."

"Schizo is my word for her. She is really two different people. She's got her quiet, sweet, down to earth side. Then the psychotic, jumping around side. Both are cool and she's not afraid to be herself."

"At first she comes off snotty, but once you get past that, you find a really good person. She is jumpy and bubbly, but can also be as droopy as a snail."

"Laurie always finds a convo to start. She always thinks of activities, too!"

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  1. That is so sweet :) I always loved how tight you girls were.