Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You Might Remember Me - Non-Fiction Book Review

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I was just a kid in 1998, but I do remember hearing about the death of actor Phil Hartman. I didn't really know who he was. (I didn't know that he voiced The Simpsons characters until just recently!) But that's where Mike Thomas' new book You Might Remember Me: The Life and Times of Phil Hartman comes in.

This book chronicles Hartman's childhood in Canada (back when he was Hartmann with an extra "n" at the end) to his large family's move to California and his eventual rise to fame on the improv comedy scene, on Saturday Night Live, and NewsRadio.

The book also looks at Hartman's relationships - his first marriage, his second marriage, and his third marriage. It was that last marriage that caused his death. His wife shot him while he slept and then shot herself.

Through interviews with Hartman's siblings, mother, friends, and ex-wives, Thomas gives you an in-depth look at a man who you couldn't always get a deep look at while he was alive. Hartman was great at doing impressions and taking on the role of different characters, but he wasn't always so great at just being himself. However, the "himself" portrayed in this biography shows you that Hartman was more than just a talented guy.

If you were a fan of Hartman, you'll enjoy reading this book, and if you just want to know more about the guy you may have seen or heard on TV, then you'll also enjoy reading this book.

You Might Remember Me is published by St. Martin's Press and is available to purchase now. I received a free review copy at Book Expo America with no obligation to review.

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