Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wasted Prayer - Non-fiction Book Review

There's an old phrase: God helps those who help themselves. To me, that means that sitting and praying is not enough. At some point you have to act. But how do you know when God wants you to act? That's what Wasted Prayer by Greg Darley aims to help you figure out.

It's not that Darley doesn't want you to pray. Obviously, prayer brings you into a closer relationship with God. But it's when prayer leads to procrastination, isolation, and pride that it hinders us from fulfilling our God-given duties and possibly hindering others from fulfilling theirs.

If you feel God nudging you to do something or if you feel strongly that this is what God wants you to do, don't waste time praying over whether or not you should do it. Just do it. Even if you don't know how or you're feeling nervous about how it would affect and uproot your life, do it anyway and pray to God for guidance along the way. It's called faith.

And if you don't feel a specific calling from God, then just act on what God calls us to do in the Bible. Be obedient to God's word, and through that, finding a specific calling may get easier.

If you're struggling in your prayer life, don't despair. Pray continually to stay in constant communication with God and strengthen your relationship. This book is a good place to start with examples from scripture and the author's own life to help you see how to take that prayer and turn it into action.

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