Thursday, September 11, 2014

TBT - School Days

School is back in session! Last week was the start of the school year for kids in New Jersey, so I thought it would be fitting to show some scrapbook pages of when I was in school.

Growing up, I had an elementary school "school days" book where my parents would paste my school picture, keep my report cards, and write down what I liked to do and what I wanted to be when I grew up. Some years ago, I took the pictures and information from that book and put everything in a scrapbook. It was kind of fun to see the things I aspired to be when I was 6 and how that changed over the years.

As you can sort of see from the above layouts, I wanted to be a dance teacher and baseball player when I was 4 and a mother, dance teacher, school teacher, and model when I was 6. Hmmmm.

I need to revamp this scrapbook a bit because my parents gave me a whole bunch of my school paraphernalia - artwork, school play/musical programs - that had been stored in a Rubbermaid container and I'd like to add all that to this album.

Where do you have your school pictures or your kids' school pictures? Have you done a themed scrapbook like this one?

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  1. So cool that your mom kept all of your memorabilia and made a scrapbook for you.
    I don't think I have any photos of me from school, no idea what happened to them.
    But I have made each of my girls a book out of large envelopes. I put their photos on them and the awards and artwork inside of the envelopes. Each envelope = a year of school. I then got it bound in a office store…that was before I was into making my own mini albums and such :)