Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Make Your Own Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbook kits take a lot of pressure off of scrapbooking. Instead of having to figure out what papers you want to use and what embellishments go with it and purchasing more than you really need, scrapbook kits give you coordinating papers and embellishments so that you can easily get started creating your pages and cards.

However, sometimes kits can be expensive, especially if you sign up for a subscription service. There are some really great kits out there, but they cost upwards of $40-$50 per kit, and if you don't act fast, they often sell out.

I used to participate in challenges over at Counterfeit Kit where, each month, you were challenged to use stuff in your stash to copy a scrapbook kit club's recent kit. This challenge blog still exists (and I should really participate more often), but I recently decided to copy a kit on my own, specifically Scrapbook Cards & More's summer 2014 kit.

Here's what the original kit looked like:

So pretty! It's actually all sold out, so even if I had wanted to purchase it, I couldn't. I also tried looking up all the supplies on to see if I could just purchase the items separately (and to see how much it would cost if I did it that way), but a lot of the items are no longer available and it really wasn't going to save me any money.

So it was onto my stash. Keep in mind, you're not going to be able to match the colors and patterns EXACTLY unless you happen to have some of the exact supplies in your stash. The main point is just to get the gist of the kit, to find things that have similar color schemes or similar patterns, and to use up your stash!!

Here's what my copied kit looks like:

This is something that I would highly recommend. Putting together your own kits also comes in handy when you're attending a crop and want to make sure you have every supply you could possibly need with you. Just add pictures and you're done! Have you guys ever tried doing this?

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  1. Omg this is GENIUS! I've been pondering a monthly kit subscription but concluded I just need to use. my. stash! So then I've been looking at multiple sites with how-to's and such. Then found this!! So SMART! The inspiration of the clubs without the stuff you'd inevitable end up not liking/using (theoretically at least) and of course without the cost!! LOVE IT!