Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY Button Art

You may have seen this cool button art going around Pinterest. Did you also know it costs more than $100 to buy? Did you know you could easily make it yourself for far cheaper?

That's what I did! I broke out my glue gun, purchased a cheap frame from Walmart, and saved up random buttons that I collected from trade shows, media events, and elsewhere. If you don't have any buttons, you can get started now collecting them, or I'm sure you could find some to buy online. You might even have some saved up somewhere from when you were kids.

I decided to make a cursive "L" for my first and last name. Whichever you'd like. They start with the same letter. I drew the "L" with a pencil and then laid out where I wanted the buttons to go before gluing them down. (Preparation is key!) And then I glued 'em down!

Put it in the frame, hang it up, and let people admire your hand-made work of art. You could do a letter for yourself or for your child - this would be super cute in a little kid's room. Or you could do a fun shape or something more abstract. This is just a basic how-to. It's up to you to get creative!

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