Thursday, July 17, 2014

TBT - The Times I Met BBMak

I've got some more OLD OLD scrapbook pages to share today. These are from 2000 and my second scrapbook album. As you can see, I was still basically just putting pictures on white backgrounds and adding some writing and stickers here and there. I barely used any scrapbook paper!

So what are these pictures of? Well, back in the day there was this pop band called BBMak: Ste, Christian, and Mark. And they were HOT, so, of course, we loved them.

And then we met them. Twice.

The first time was at a radio station concert. After BBMak performed, they signed autographs. On the band's CD cover, Ste wore a shirt that said "Rub my tummy for good luck." So, naturally, when I met him, I asked him if I could rub his tummy.

If you look at the scrapbook page above, the second picture in the sort-of lefthand column shows Ste as he is preparing to stand up and let me rub his tummy. Through his shirt, though! He didn't strip down for me.

And then that same summer BBMak came back to St. Louis on a special Disney tour with Hoku, and they signed autographs. AGAIN! The concert was free, so we went and stood in line to meet them. AGAIN.

We think they recognized us, but honestly, who really knows? We just went with it. We were such fangirls.

If you don't remember BBMak, watch this video and let it all come back! (Back here, baby!)

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