Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On Our House

I happened to come across the His and Hers blog a few weeks ago, and something on the "house" page of the blog really stood out to me.
"In Progress" is a nice way of saying "This House Looks Nothing Like I Hope It Will In 5 Years 10 Years Well, Never Mind."
This page has before and after photos of things the homeowners have done. One before photo has a weird painted mural on it - JUST LIKE IN OUR WEIRD ROOM! And one photo is an old-fashioned staircase with Christmas garland on it and some ugly wallpaper border in the background. The after photo is the same staircase with the garland removed. That's all they've done with that room so far!

It feels so much like our "progress" with our house. We've been living here since 2010, a little over four years, and so far this is what we've done:

new shower
1. remove wallpaper in the master bedroom, paint the master bedroom walls, get real bedroom furniture (courtesy of my parents)
2. remove wallpaper border from master bathroom, paint master bathroom (never AGAIN), replace master shower stall (only because it was leaking water into the basement)
3. remove wallpaper from second bedroom, paint second bedroom walls, continually reorganize and figure out how to organize the second bedroom into a working scraproom
4. paint the dining room/living room, get a new dining room table set (courtesy of my parents)
5. remove wallpaper in the entryway, paint entryway, purchase nice entryway furniture and decor

Things we still need to do:
1. replace ugly stained teal carpet in second bedroom
2. paint third bedroom downstairs and turn it into a functioning guest bedroom
3. fix the tub in the second bathroom
4. remove the ugly floral wallpaper in the second bathroom and paint the second bathroom (HIRING SOMEONE)
5. install ceiling fans and overhead lighting in several upstairs rooms (That's right. There's no overhead lighting in the majority of rooms in this house. Who builds a house without overhead lighting??? Dang 1970s contractors and their cocaine habits.)
6. fix broken garage door
7. tear out everything in the downstairs bathroom because it's just gross
8. buy functional furniture for the family room so we can actually have people over with space to hang out in front of the big-screen TV
9. do SOMETHING with the galley kitchen downstairs
10. do SOMETHING with the "weird room" downstairs
11. get curtains for the windows in the dining room
12. paint hallway/stairs (total safety hazard that I don't want to undertake) and hang pictures for our travel wall
13. replace bisque toilet and bisque countertop in master bathroom to match the white shower stall
14. redo the kitchen (This will only happen when we win the lottery, so ...)

guest room?
We knew going in that making the house OUR house would be a work in progress, but sometimes it's distressing. We know people who moved into their houses after us and had the whole thing remodeled in just one year. We just don't have the time, money, and DIY knowledge (or other people's DIY knowledge) that they did.

Someday everything will be shiny and new (or shinier and newer). Will our house ever be fully matured? I don't know. But the more pressing issue right now is how to keep the bionic crickets out of our house.

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