Friday, July 11, 2014

Just a Bunch of Scrapbook Pages

I've been getting a lot of scrapbooking done lately, and in turn, using up lots of stuff in my stash. I like using stuff because it makes more space in my scraproom. Not that I want to fill the scraproom with even more stuff. I actually just need to use stuff so that I can more easily organize what's left! 

So here's some of what I've created recently. "The Cutest Kid in the World Turns 1" is a smorgasbord of product. I don't even know most of the manufacturers on this page, but you're not even looking at the product. You're looking at the picture of that cute kid. This is my friend Teresa's little boy, and he literally is the cutest child ever. I'm sorry to all my other friends with kids, but.... 

Next up are the two layouts I made for the pictures from our tour at the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory in St. Louis. For "Like Wonka", I was able to get five pictures on one page! FIVE! I'm just glad that it was so easy to crop these pictures.

"Fun & Chocolate" has pictures that I didn't show you on this blog before. These are pictures of my parents and me wearing the really cool hats that we had to wear in order to go on the tour. Then we got to pretend like we were mixing chocolate in the bowl.

And "Mike and the Lady" was the easiest layout I made because it came this way! All I had to do was add the picture and the sticker letters. Thanks, Basic Grey! It was such a surprise to find this in my stash.

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