Friday, June 27, 2014

Gluten-Free NJ: Alumni Grill in Wildwood

Maybe this should have been this week's Throwback Thursday! These food pictures were taken in August 2013 when my husband and I went down the shore for a free beachside concert. But I never shared them with you! The concert wasn't that great (washed-up '90s bands) but the food - OH THE FOOD!

We stopped in at Alumni Grill in Wildwood, NJ for lunch before the concert. This is a smallish place that offers a gluten-free menu with the use of a designated fryer for gluten-free fried foods. Love it!

My husband was excited because he was able to get hot dogs (you get two of them!) on gluten-free hot dog buns AND fries. I cannot tell you how many places have unsafe french fries because of cross-contamination. But not at this place!

I ordered one of Alumni Grill's many wraps from the regular menu. I'm pretty sure I ordered the Funky Chicken wrap (it's been so long I kind of don't remember): grilled chicken breast, bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, and honey jalapeno sauce. What I do remember about this was that it was DELICIOUS.

I feel like I might have also gotten a side of french fries for myself ... again, I don't really remember. But something else I do remember is that the wrap was so big and so filling! You probably don't need a side order of anything else. The wrap really hit the spot!

If you're traveling down the Jersey Shore this summer, need gluten-free food, and Wildwood or a nearby beach area is your destination, then definitely stop by Alumni Grill and get yourself some gluten-free grub!

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