Thursday, May 1, 2014

TBT - Good Friends & Thanksgiving

We're taking a trip back to 2009 for this week's scrapbook Throwback Thursday. I've used this layout multiple times on my scrapbook pages because it's just so easy!!

All you need is a solid color background cardstock (or patterned - change it up!), at least one piece of patterned paper, ribbon or a cardstock border piece, a few embellishments, and two pictures.

Of course, you could also turn the two 4x6 pictures into a block of four smaller pictures. It all depends on what pictures you're working with.

I like the cleanliness of this layout. It's not too fussy, so it showcases the pictures nicely, and you've got room to actually see the embellishments.

And yes, those are pictures of my husband, some of his college friends, and me at Medieval Times.

Just for contrast, here is how I used the same layout idea on a very simple Thanksgiving layout.

Looks pretty much the same, but I just changed the placement of the embellishments, the size of the patterned paper, used ribbon instead of a paper border, and angled the pictures instead of placing them on one top of the other.

The simplicity of this layout would also lend itself well to using up scraps. If you only have small pieces of patterned paper that you're trying to use up or you've got just a few random embellishments that you don't know what to do with, then find them a home within this layout!

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