Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I've Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has by Mandy Hale - Book Review

If you think you've had bad dates and a crazy love life, then maybe you should compare notes with author Mandy Hale. Her new book I've Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has chronicles Mandy's love life and career path ups and downs.

Mandy is the voice behind the website The Single Woman, and she's traveled around the country and the internet speaking to other single women and helping them love themselves instead of finding guys to love. This book leads up to how Mandy became The Single Woman and the woman she is today.

She's had long-distance relationships, abusive relationships, career hirings, career firings, countless moves, and a harrowing almost-trip to Vegas, but through it all she's found humor and grace that help her keep going. Mandy believes that even the bad things in life are just ways to help prepare you for the future.

While I admire Mandy both for her message and for her internet presence and continued growth (she got to meet Oprah, you guys!), there were a few passages in this book that I took issue with. The book has a spiritual bent to it, which I'm all for, but when you pray to God about getting to see the houses used in the TV series Dawson's Creek and then MIRACULOUSLY you get to see those houses, well, I guess I just find it difficult to believe that God was really behind that. There are people praying for far more pressing issues than the ability to live out a teenage fantasy. And then to say that the reason God answered her prayer was because she had unwavering faith and unfailing hope is kind of a slap in the face to people who also have lots of faith and hope in God but don't get their BIG ISSUE prayers answered. "Oh, you're not getting what you want because you just don't have enough faith/hope."

Mandy is also a big proponent of verbalizing hopes and dreams. She made a vision board and wrote down all the things she wanted to happen. Meeting Oprah was one of those things, and wouldn't you know it? She met Oprah.

I guess I need to get on this vision board bandwagon, huh? Cuz I got lots of stuff that I want to have happen in my life.

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