Friday, May 23, 2014

Great New York Cupcake Tour

The other weekend I used a LivingSocial voucher to take a New York Cupcake Tour from Great New York Tours. For the discounted price, it was definitely worth it: great weather, an actual enjoyable experience walking around the city, and cupcakes!!

Here are some pictures of the places we stopped.

First up, Baked by Melissa. This place only makes mini cupcakes but with big flavor. We got to sample the flavor of the month, Neapolitan.

Then we went to Crumbs. Crumbs is kind of a household name for cupcakes, especially here in New York. Although, Crumbs bake shops can also be found outside of New York. BUT, there is only one gluten-free Crumbs in NYC. That wasn't the one we stopped at because this was NOT a gluten-free tour. But, if I could get my husband on board with the whole cupcakes-are-yummy thing, then we'd totally make a g-free Crumbs stop. Until then... I sampled a mini double chocolate cupcake on the tour.

And so we didn't make ourselves sick on cupcakes, the next stop on the tour was gelato from Amorino. Okay, not specifically gelato. We actually sampled a delicious organic mango sorbet. This place is worth a second visit. And they have locations in London and Paris. Maybe I'll look them up and visit this summer when we're there!!

Next up was building our own mini cupcakes at Molly's Cupcakes. Might I recommend the brown butter frosting?

If you're gluten-free, then this next stop is for you. Bisou, Ciao makes delicious macarons (NOT macaroons) in luscious flavors, such as salted caramel, blackberry, vanilla, and raspberry. Better yet, the macarons are gluten-free. There is even a sign on the door letting you know!

And last but not least, red velvet cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. These cupcakes were regular size! But I have to say that Magnolia Bakery is kind of overrated. I know it was on Sex and the City, but I honestly feel like that's the only reason people are so obsessed with Magnolia. I've had the same, if not better, cupcakes elsewhere. Still, I wasn't going to say no to a red velvet cupcake!

And that was that! Our tour guide gave us some really interesting facts about the city and each shop as we walked, so that was pretty cool. I would consider taking another walking tour like this. Anybody wanna come?

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