Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Painted Entryway with Sherwin Williams Paint

The first project of 2014 was to makeover our entryway, and I finally got all the old wallpaper off and the walls painted. So, the project is halfway done! Here are after pictures with the overhead light on and in somewhat natural light:

The paint I used was Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. The color was Buff from the HGTV Home collection. When I asked about using the HGTV paint, the guy (who hadn't even offered it as an option for paint type) told me that it wasn't that good. So, basically, Sherwin Williams partnered with HGTV to make sub-par products. Ohhhhhhhkay.

I went with the SuperPaint because it was the cheapest of the Sherwin Williams interior paints, and with my 30% off coupon, I basically got it for the same price of Behr paint at Home Depot ($35/gallon). Why didn't I just use Behr paint like I have in the past? Well, I was just too lazy to go and have the HGTV color matched at Home Depot. And I had the Sherwin Williams coupon, so I figured, let's give this a try.

The SuperPaint is a paint and primer, but because I had removed wallpaper, I primed the wall anyway. When it came to using the SuperPaint, I thought it was great! Not a heavy scent and it provided good coverage with just one coat.

Now that the entryway is painted, I still need to cover up those side windows and purchase a little table and some decorative accents. (I would also like a new light fixture.) Here are a few things I saw on Pinterest that I would like to copy:





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