Friday, March 7, 2014

What's for Dinner?

Does your husband, kid, or other family member ever ask you repeatedly "What's for dinner?" even after you've already told them? Well, we can't expect everyone to have super amazing memories like us, now, can we?

But instead of having to repeat yourself, just direct your loved ones to the kitchen menu board.

I first saw this on a fellow scrapbooker's blog, and I loved the idea so much that I pinned it to Pinterest! And it has taken me FOREVER to finally get around to making it. You can see the pin by clicking on this link.

Did you know that you can write on glass with a Dry Erase marker? You can! And then just wipe it off when you need to write something new. Because of that fun fact, you can also create your own menu board using a simple picture frame, Dry Erase marker, and scrapbook supplies!

I went to The Dollar Tree and bought a $1 picture frame, took it home, broke out my scrapbook stuff, and decorated a background. Then, I put my background into the frame and wrote on the glass with a Dry Erase marker. I used blue because our black one is running low on ink, but I think a darker color will show up better.

Our kitchen has not been remodeled (and probably won't be for quite some time), but I still went with my dream kitchen color scheme: light blue and brown. Actually, I want some red and white in there, so I might go back and add a red and white element to this.

You can see my dream kitchen color scheme in my My Kitchen Pinterest board.

I haven't yet attached a Dry Erase marker to the frame itself, but I think I will do that just so that there is always a marker at the ready.

How do you keep track of your weekly meal plan?

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