Friday, March 28, 2014

The People Factor - Book Review

I'm sure many of you have relationships in your life, whether at work or in your personal lives, that are just bringing you down. But for whatever reason, you keep that relationship going as it is. Well, that doesn't make much sense!

The premise of The People Factor by Van Moody (published by Nelson Books) is that good relationships will help you grow in your God-given purpose, while bad ones will hinder you. So why are you still holding on to those bad relationships?

In this book, Moody takes you through the 10 Critical Laws of Relationships: being real, mutual benefit, agreement, letting go, selectivity, sacrifice, no secrets, true value, loyalty, and constructive transition. Reading through what each of these laws mean makes you take stock at your current relationships to see how each one measures up and to see how you measure up. It's not just all about the other people. Don't forget that you have to follow the "laws", too.

One thing that really stuck out to me was the notion that relationships don't have to end, but it's okay if they do change. This is what Moody calls "constructive transition". Moody gives the example of Jesus and Peter. They were best buds, BFFs, bros. And then Peter becomes, in Jesus' words, "a stumbling block". This is in response to Peter not understanding or wanting to accept that Jesus is going to suffer and die.

You might think Jesus' words are kinda harsh, especially to someone he was so close to, but Jesus knows that Peter "is not in agreement with what God is requiring Jesus to do. He can no longer occupy the place he once did in Jesus' life; he has to step back so Jesus can move forward" (Moody, 172).

Jesus and Peter still had a relationship, but it wasn't the same as it was before. And this is what happens in many relationships to this day. You are constantly changing and evolving, and certain relationships may need to adjust. Not end. Just adjust.

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