Friday, March 21, 2014

Returning to Shore - YA Book Review

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When 15-year-old Clare's mother weds for the third time, Clare is shipped off to spend time with her father while her mother and new stepfather go on their honeymoon. The only problem is that Clare hasn't seen her father since she was 3.

All these years, Clare has thought that her father didn't want to see her. But living in such close proximity to her father in his small cottage on Cape Cod's Blackfish Island, Clare begins to question much of what she thought to be true. 

I really liked this book. It deals with some deep stuff but in a not-too-complicated way. It's nice to see Clare evolve not only in her relationship with her father but also in her understanding of herself. In the beginning, Clare isn't really sure who she is and who her family is. The only father she's truly known is her first stepfather, and she's a little devastated that he's no longer married to her mom and confused about what to do now that he's not. Is he still her dad? And in terms of her real dad, well, he doesn't feel like a real dad because Clare hardly knows him.

This is definitely a coming-of-age story that shows readers, girls especially, that they can stand up for themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. This book is age-graded for 12-18, and I think that is a very accurate age range.

Returning to Shore is published by Carolrhoda Lab and is available to purchase now. I received a free review copy for my honest review.

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