Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eat Like Locals on Mackinac Island

I don't go on vacation for the food, but I do like to eat at local places as much as possible while on vacation just to experience the local cuisine and local businesses. Because my husband wasn't on this leg of the trip with me, I didn't have to worry about finding gluten-free restaurants. (And believe me, it would have been
difficult to do on this trip.)

Aside from our McDonald's stops and eating breakfast at the hotel every morning, we managed to eat a delicious pizza dinner on Mackinac Island at Island Slice Pizzeria.

My mom and I both got the special deal of one slice, one breadstick, and a fountain soda. I don't remember how much it cost, but it was a good deal. And man, the pizza was good and the breadstick was SO GOOD. Definitely hit this place up! It's casual, which was perfect for us because we were wearing our biking outfits.

The second awesome local place we visited was Clyde's Drive-In in St. Ignace. This place doesn't have its own website. It's old school. And it really does operate like a drive-in, although you can go inside and eat in the teeny tiny (and crowded) restaurant area or take the food to go. We did the drive-in. This place has your standard burgers and fries along with milkshakes and other stuff. I would recommend the cheeseburger with a chocolate milkshake. Pretty good!

In terms of eating gluten-free, there weren't many options in St. Ignace or on Mackinac Island. I did see one restaurant in St. Ignace with a gluten-free sign on it, but we didn't eat there.  If you search for "gluten-free Mackinac Island" on Urban Spoon, you get this list of three restaurants.

I have to say, there was a little grocery store in St. Ignace that we walked to one night from our hotel. We got sub sandwiches from the deli at the grocery store, and while we were waiting for our sandwiches to be made, I noticed a HUGE gluten-free food section. So, if you're staying in St. Ignace and you want gluten-free, you should hit up that grocery store for some essentials.

What are some favorite restaurants you've discovered while on vacation?

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