Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sausage Alfredo

I have always been fond of Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage. Growing up, my family used to make it with cheesy au gratin potatoes, and I remember that when cutting up the sausage, we'd always eat a slice or two.

I still do that when cooking with this sausage. Usually just the end pieces, though. They're not perfect slices! No one wants those in their food!

I can't take any credit for today's recipe. I never would have put smoked sausage and alfredo together.

But it totally works.

I saw this recipe for Sausage Alfredo in a magazine advertisement and knew immediately that I wanted to make it.

It's so easy to throw together on a weeknight. Gluten-free pasta, smoked sausage, frozen peas, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, a little bit of Cajun seasoning (not too much if you don't want it super spicy - or you could just leave that out). 

My husband went back for seconds. Success!

I couldn't eat seconds, though. This is a very rich and very filling meal! And it looks pretty in the skillet, too.

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