Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life for Non-Project Life Stuff

I have several of these Project Life page protectors in my stash, and my mom gave me a whole bunch more, and I finally said, "I'm going to use these!" I always make an attempt to use these, but then I find some reason not to. I always like the look of the pictures on one side, but then I realize that I've got to use the other side...
But this time, I planned it all out.

I really like the look of layers and embellishments, so I tried to create some dimension on this page by using chipboard letters and stacking patterned paper and adding embellishments on top of the photos. (These pictures were taken in Mackinac Island by the "Is It You?" tree, which was in the movie Somewhere in Time.)

For the back side of this one, I used pictures from our boat tour underneath the Mackinac Bridge. I added fewer embellishments on this one, but I also had more pictures to use.

And then I used another Project Life-style page protector for pictures of my mom and me riding bikes on Mackinac Island. (I think I've already told you about that experience.) I really liked the small rectangles in the middle of this page. And again, I added embellishments on top of the photos.

Do you guys use these types of pages for everyday scrapbooking or for Project Life only? I've never done Project Life, and I probably never will. I can barely keep on top of my regular scrapbooking!

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  1. these look great! I usually only use pocket pages for pl, but I have been meaning to start working on my wedding album again, which has been severely neglected. I plan on using pocket pages for that, too!