Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My 7th Toy Fair

You probably want to know why I was traveling last week for work. I was at Toy Fair! 

I've shared some of these pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but if you didn't see them there, now you can see them all here. These are the moments that almost made the achey feet, knees, and hips worth it!

Day 1 started off pretty good. I "met" Emmett from The LEGO Movie at the LEGO booth.

I also grew a mustache. Or is it moustache? How do you spell it?

Then, I found some pretty cool things: an I Heart Crafting button from the Thames & Kosmos booth to advertise its new Geek & Co. crafting line AND cake in a mug that you make in the microwave.

Oh, and did I mention I met internet sensation Grumpy Cat? She slept through the photo shoot. Totally not impressed by Toy Fair, but what else would you expect from Grumpy Cat?

 That was the second day. On the third day, I met Snoopy at the Schleich booth and stood inside a bubble at the Uncle Bubble booth.

 And that evening, because I could barely walk anymore, a co-worker and I went and got pedicures.

 Now THAT'S the way to end Toy Fair!!

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