Sunday, January 19, 2014

The One Where I Go All Cake Boss

Yes, that's right. I turned 30.

And I can't believe it has taken me almost a month to post pictures about how I made my 30th birthday cake!!

What you see to the left is the finished product. I used some of the Cake Boss tools I received when I attended the flash decorating session with the Cake Boss last month. The cake is actually on a turntable that turns if you want it to while you decorate, but it also locks if you don't want it to turn.

Here's how I did it: two boxes of Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix. I made two circular cakes.

After letting the cakes cool, I took one cake and cut it a little so that both top and bottom were flat. Then I placed it on the turning cake stand and covered the top of it in chocolate frosting (also Betty Crocker and also gluten-free). Then I took the other cake and placed it on top of the second one and covered the entire thing in chocolate frosting.

I then used some Betty Crocker blue icing (came in its own bag) to write on my cake. Then I used a pastry bag and special tip to create little rosettes out of white frosting. The picture to the right shows what the cake looked like when we cut into it. Two layers of yumminess!

The white frosting was whipped, and I don't think it was the best frosting to use to make rosettes. But I didn't know that when I bought the frosting. Next time I'll just buy regular vanilla frosting.

Or I could make my own frosting and icing.

Yeah, right.

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