Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dos & Don'ts At 30

If you didn't already know, I turned 30 last month. Apparently, this time of life is called the "dirty thirties". I don't really know what that means, but I guess it's a good thing?

Everyone makes such a big deal about turning 30, usually a negative deal. But I didn't want that to be my mindset as I entered this milestone.

I happened to read something in one of the last issues of Glamour magazine I received before letting my subscription run out. (That magazine is NOT targeted to 30-somethings, at least not 30-somethings like me. I LOATHE that "Dear Jake" column.) It was actress Olivia Wilde's Dos and Don'ts of Turning 30.

There were more of them, but some didn't really pertain to me. (Don't get plastic surgery - uh, duh. Don't propose to the first guy you meet - already married!) So I just cut out the six that did speak to me and put them on this scrapbook layout.

I think some of the most important ones, for me, were "Don't feel pressured to pop out kids" and "Don't freak out about all the brilliant people who accomplished more than you by 30".

In regards to the first one, Ms. Olivia Wilde says, "I feel no stress to reproduce simply because of a fear of withering eggs...make sure you're where you want to be in life before picking neighborhoods based on school districts."

And in regards to the second one: "[W]hat you achieve is far less important than what kind of human being you are."

I think both of these things can be comprised in today's Facebook-obsessed world. When you see other people on Facebook having babies and doing all these amazing things (evidenced by Instagram-filtered hipster-ish photos), it's easy to get down on yourself that you aren't popping out babies (if that's what you want) and feeding poor people in impoverished countries.

But not everyone is on the same life path. Not everyone lives under the same circumstances or means. So you just gotta do what you gotta do (and what you wanna do) and embrace your own life instead of someone else's.

As Olivia (who is probably my new favorite actress/person) says: "Relax, be good to your body, and when the time is right, get busy."

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