Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Ornament Organization

By this time, your Christmas trees might be down and out on the curb. But if you're still putting away the holiday decorations, this organization tip might come in handy.

I saw it on Pinterest a few months ago courtesy of Moms' Party Cafe and knew immediately that I needed to get on it. It's an easier way to organize your Christmas ornaments instead of letting them rumble around your plastic containers.

Our ornaments used to be in individual boxes and bags and thrown haphazardly inside a large Rubbermaid container. Then it was always a chore to find the right box/bag for the ornament when putting them away. With this system, it doesn't matter if it's in the right box or not. And your ornaments aren't shifting inside the box. Plus, it's super easy to make!

All you need are Red Solo Cups (or the Target brand version, which is what I used), some flat cardboard, and a hot glue gun. For my cardboard, I used some of the large boxes that our Christmas gifts were shipped in this year. I had to fold and cut some of them to size, which would have been easier to do with a box cutter but I don't own a box cutter, so scissors it was. Then, I hot glued the cups to the cardboard. Once dry, I inserted one ornament inside each cup. If an ornament needed tissue paper or bubble wrap around it, I provided that. But no more random-sized boxes or wondering what ornament goes in what unmarked box. Now it doesn't matter!

I filled one large Rubbermaid container with three of these cup holders, and then I put two more inside a smaller Sterilite container. That pretty much covered our good ornaments. I have a whole other container filled with some of our childhood ornaments (think "baby's first Christmas") that we only put on the tree if we have room to fill (and we usually never do). Next year, when we get more ornaments, I'll have to rearrange and use another large Rubbermaid container, but for now, everything is organized and pretty.

It feels so nice.

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