Friday, January 10, 2014

Baked Parmesan Fish

I wanted to make fish for dinner one night because cod was on sale, but I honestly was drawing a blank as to how to prepare it. I didn't want to go the traditional lemon and herb route (although that is tasty and easy), so I turned to my good friend Pinterest for help.

And I found this recipe for Baked Parmesan Fish.

It's super easy to put together, and it's easy to make gluten-free. Just use gluten-free all-purpose flour instead of regular flour.

Basically, the fish (you can use cod, tilapia, whatever you want) is coated in an egg and then a flour/parmesan mixture. (The original recipe calls for paprika, but I left that out because we are also trying to cut out spicy things due to our acid reflux. No, we are not THAT old.)

I flipped my fish halfway through the cooking time in an attempt to avoid the bottom flour/parm coating becoming mushy. Some people on the original recipe post recommended baking the fish on a baking rack with a baking dish underneath, which would also be easy to do.

I think next time I will try using a mixture of gluten-free bread crumbs and grated parmesan cheese to see if that makes the fish coating a little crunchier when baked. The flour/parm mixture just wasn't exactly what I wanted.

It was still good, though. Yum, fish.

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