Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Daily Week 1

I am doing my third December Daily album this year. Like last year, I am not worrying about trying to get a festive picture each and every day. I have an album that I am dividing into four sections, one for each week. And then I'll just add pictures from the week in their respective sections. The last section of my album will be for storing the Christmas cards we receive this year.

Last year, I made my album ahead of time. I had planned on doing that again this year, but it just didn't happen. No biggie. I've already sorted through my paper and embellishment stash to find the items I want to use in my album. So all that's left is putting it all together.

What I'm showing in this blog post are the pictures from week 1 of December. It seems that I got all my festive stuff out of the way in November. We got our tree on November 30, and I also spent that evening wrapping presents that I had already purchased. I guess I'll count November 30 as part of the first week.

Earlier in the week, I also got to spend some time at New York City's Bryant Park. I watched the ice skaters skate at the rink there (the same rink where somebody got shot a few weeks earlier - joy) and took this picture of the big Bryant Park tree in the background. There is also a Bryant Park holiday market happening right now, which is always kind of fun to check out. There are a lot of food vendors, including one of my favorites that I haven't eaten at in awhile, Max Brenner. There was a time where I think I took everyone who visited me to eat dinner/dessert at Max Brenner, Chocolate By the Bald Man in Union Square. The next time I decide to go into New York for fun, somebody better come with me and eat chocolate for a meal. It's so happening!

That same day, I cam home and watched my favorite terribly awesome Christmas movie, The Christmas List. It is NOT on ABC Family this year, as far as I can tell. And God forbid ABC Family respond to its viewers when we contact them via Facebook and email.

But, thank goodness, some lovely soul put the whole movie on YouTube. This was probably recorded and uploaded illegally, but I don't care! I didn't get to watch the movie while eating the traditional pizza and Oreos, but I still got to watch it. I can check it off the list this season!

And really, even among all of its bad acting, cheesy script, and finger-pointing picture poses, The Christmas List does have kind of a nice little message: don't wait for things to happen to you or for Santa to grant your wishes. Make them happen for yourself!

Who out there is doing a December Daily album this year? What is your strategy for completing your DD? Do you strive to take a picture a day or are you a little more lax like me? I'd love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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