Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My New Scrap Room!

I know, it's been several months since I finished painting my scrap room, and I haven't shared ANY photos of the finished product. The scrap room isn't completely finished in terms of organizing, but I do have it set up in a way that I like, and the rest is still coming together. Below is my little nook.

I have a dry-erase board on the wall as well as two stick-on chalkboard panels for sketching layouts and making notes. You can see my homemade Clip It Up on my desk. This is probably the best the desk has looked since I got it set up this way. I'm still trying to figure out where to put things, and I really need some desk organization tools, but at least I feel like I can scrap in my scrap room again!

And then THIS is probably my favorite part of my new and improved scrap room.


In our old apartment, we had used this shelving unit (purchased from Bed, Bath & Beyond) for use in our tiny, tiny kitchen. Well, we don't need it in the kitchen anymore, so it was just collecting dust hanging out in its box in the basement. At first, I was thinking of using it to store board games downstairs in our "weird" room, but that required us to renovate the "weird" room, and I just wasn't ready to go there yet.

So I thought, why don't I use it for storing my scrap stuff? And voila! Here it is! I still want to purchase more of those white 12x12 drawers. Just one or two more. I'm using them to store papers from specific companies and papers for specific holidays. If I get one or two more, I'll use those for storing random patterned paper.

And then there's the closet. Still kind of sketchy. What I want is a white bookcase for storing my craft books, scrapbooks, and binders. I also need some sort of filing system for organizing and storing my homemade cards. And yes, there is still wallpaper in the closet. I don't really care. I am SO DONE with wallpaper. I have this vision of hanging peg board in the closet, too, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen.


Then there is the other side of the scrap room. This desk is my husband's, and the plan is to move it downstairs where he can actually use it. And then I'll have that whole side to myself, and I want to make it into my yoga/exercise "studio". But moving his desk downstairs requires us to get rid of TWO other desks that were left downstairs by the previous owners, and I'm not able to have the Habitat for Humanity Restore come pick them up until next year. So.... deep breaths. Patience.


Overall, I am happy with the minty green color of the walls. The carpet really needs to be replaced, and I'd like to add having Empire Today come out and give us an estimate to my 2014 to-do list. This room, like most rooms in the house, does not have overhead lighting, which makes it difficult to scrap and craft at night. My little desk lamp is basically like working by candlelight. So maybe I'll look into the cost of installing lights (preferably in the form of a ceiling fan) in this room for 2014. Wish me luck!

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