Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leaping at Shadows (The Dario Quincy Academy of Dance #1) - Book Review

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In Leaping at Shadows, the first book in Megan Atwood's The Dario Quincy Academy of Dance series, Madeleine has just started her first year at The Dario Quincy Academy of Dance. She is there on scholarship and really missing being away from her mom and her old friends at her old high school. But as a hardcore dancer, and a good one at that, Madeleine is excited to have the opportunity to study dance at such a prestigious school.

However, on Madeleine's first day, she ends up making an enemy of the school's other "best dancer", Ophelia. Not a good start. But having an enemy isn't as bad as the other things that start to happen at the school: Madeleine's grandmother's necklace goes missing, she hears strange noises in the hallway, and why is her English teacher's nose bleeding? Turns out, there is more to this school than just dance.

This was a fun little mystery that, at only 100 pages, was a very quick read. Because of its short length, the action happens very fast and the characters change very quickly, so for kids who are looking for something a little more in-depth and developed, this may not be the book for them. It's perfect, however, for kids between the ages of 13 and 16 who are looking to progress out of middle-grade books but who don't want to commit to a longer YA novel. Because the subject matter deals with dancing, this book will most likely appeal to girls who also take ballet or who like dance.

Leaping at Shadows is published by Lerner Publishing Group and is available to purchase now. I received a free review copy for my honest review.

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