Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House

So, let's say you go to Mackinac Island for vacation, and you're looking for something to do while you're there.

Well, first you have to get to the island. If, like me, you stayed on the mainland, you're going to need to take a ferry to the island. I rode with Star Line Ferry and have no complaints! I liked that you could order tickets online AND that there was a two-day discount ticket. That worked out perfectly for my mom and I because we were only going to go to the island for two days. The schedules to and from the island were good, too. If you can, try to get on a boat that goes underneath the Mackinac Bridge. That was pretty cool! What else can I say about Star Line? The boats were clean and on time, the staff was super friendly and funny, and the trip was quick and easy.

Okay, so now you're on Mackinac Island. Where to go? How about the Original Butterfly House & Insect World?

There's another butterfly house on the island that you can get to if you take one of the carriage tours, but this one is within walking distance of all the ferry docks and, well, it's the original! It is the first of its kind in Michigan and the third oldest live butterfly exhibit in the United States. 

We found a brochure for the Original Butterfly House at our hotel and there was a coupon inside, so that's what we used for our admission. Not a bad deal. You are also given a map to help you identify the different butterflies flying around and where they are normally located around the world.

The butterflies were so pretty, but as with all butterfly exhibits, you do have to be careful where you walk. These guys fly everywhere and land everywhere, so you don't want to accidentally step on one!

Remember how I said the butterflies land everywhere? Well, they might even land on you. This beauty landed on my mom's shoulder, and she just had to stand there for awhile until it finally flew away. It stayed on my mom's shoulder for a really long time! But I wasn't complaining because I was taking picture after picture while it sat there with its wings open. So pretty!

I'll have more recaps and reviews from our trip to Mackinac Island in the days and weeks to come, so stay tuned!

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