Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Head Coolie - Review

So over the summer, I attended a holiday gift guide event and received a free sample of a pretty cool invention: Head Coolie. It's a piece of fabric with space to insert an ice pack. You attach the Head Coolie around your head and secure it via Velcro tabs. You can see me wearing my Head Coolie in the picture to the right.

What makes Head Coolie so, well, cool? It's hands-free! One of the main uses for Head Coolie is to help relieve migraine and headache pain. If you've ever tried numbing a headache or migraine with an ice pack, then you know how difficult it can be to get the ice in just the right spot and keep the ice from falling off your head. With Head Coolie, the ice stays put. You can get up and walk around while wearing this. You can lie down while wearing this. The ice doesn't move.
And because the ice doesn't move, it makes Head Coolie also good for fighting fevers, keeping athletes and outdoor enthusiasts cool while working out, and cooling off on hot days. In fact, when I was painting our master bathroom, it was so hot, and I wore my Head Coolie while painting to help me cool off. Worked great!
Head Coolie comes with two reusable ice pack inserts so that you always have one ready to go when the other one melts. Just keep them both in the freezer until you need them! 
This is a pretty awesome invention, and I'm so glad that I received a free sample to try out. Unfortunately, I have had to use Head Coolie to help numb migraine pain. It's always unfortunate when I get a migraine. But on the other hand, I like using the Head Coolie because it frees up my hands to do other things while still icing down my head.
If you want a Head Coolie for yourself, you can purchase one at Head Coolie is $19.99 (plus tax) and comes in several color options. 

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