Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Real Simple Potato, Ham, and Spinach Frittata

I really love breakfast for dinner. Or breakfast for breakfast. Or breakfast for lunch.

And if you've read this blog in the past, you'll know that I love making frittatas.

Here's a recipe that I cut out of Real Simple magazine back in February 2012. It's got everything I love: cheddar cheese, ham, and potatoes. Oh, and eggs and spinach.

And it's SUPER easy to make. In fact, I didn't even make it. My husband did it all by himself!

Okay, I did peel and slice the potatoes in advance. (And if you want your potatoes to not turn grey or brown after you slice them, try this trick.)

What? I peeled AND sliced potatoes? Yep. It was only two potatoes, and we have a giant peeler, so that was really easy to do. And then I sliced them up in our veggie shredder/slicer. That thing is so fun to use.

The only thing I had to do to make this recipe gluten-free was make sure I purchased gluten-free deli ham. Our local grocery store has a proprietary brand of deli meat that is labeled gluten-free. And it contains no MSG! If your local store doesn't have its own brand, try Boar's Head or Thumann's. Also very good and gluten-free, but those brands will be a little pricier. Still, it's worth it.

This serves four. Each person gets two slices. One slice is 250 calories. How do I know this and why do I care? You'll find out in a later post.

The only issue we had with this recipe was the cooking time. It took another 10 minutes for our eggs to fully set. Or at least look set enough that I felt comfortable eating it. I'd rather cook it longer than serve it with runny eggs. This might vary for you depending on your stove.

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