Saturday, September 28, 2013

Projection - Book Review

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Gretchen is a typical 13-year-old. She's just graduated from 8th grade, she's totally into cute Nick Ford, and she's looking forward to spending summer vacation with her best friend Jessica. But when her mom is murdered, Gretchen discovers that she's anything abut typical. She's actually descended from a line of Ancient Greek women who, as part of the Oculus Society, protect a very special power: projecting souls. Basically, with a "kiss", two women's souls can change places. Gretchen's mom was a prominent member of the Oculus Society, which, to outsiders, was merely a community social club. Both Gretchen and Jessica have their ideas about who committed the murder, and in order to find out more, they decide to switch souls. The only problem is that Ariel Miller, the class outcast, videotapes their "kiss" and posts it to YouTube.

Flash forward two years and Gretchen and Jessica must enlist the help of Ariel in finally discovering who killed Gretchen's mom. Can they trust Ariel? Can Ariel trust them?

What a fun and mysterious book! It's a really intriguing whodunit that leaves the reader wondering who is to be trusted. I love the way that author Risa Green thought out all the aspects of this story.

This book isn't age-graded, but I think that high schoolers (15+) would be better able to follow the storyline. Plus, for much of the book, the characters are juniors in high school, giving kids around that age something to relate to. Parents should know, though, that there is cursing in this book as well as underage drinking.

Projection is published by Soho Teen. It is available to purchase now. I received a free Advance Review Copy for my honest review.

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