Thursday, September 5, 2013

Make Your Own Clip It Up

my homemade "clip it up"
Fellow scrappers, I'm sure you've heard of the Clip It Up, right? It's a scrapbook organization tool that makes it easy to see all your stuff because it's all hanging right there in front of you.

Do I have a Clip It Up? No. Why? Because it's $60.

Now, if you go to the Clip It Up website, they might still be on sale for $32.50. I actually almost bought one at the sale price, but then I saw that shipping was $15, and I thought, "Uh, no thanks."

So the next day, I went online and asked my friend Google about alternatives to the Clip It Up. And I found a BRILLIANT solution in this YouTube video by a user called shells793. This lady used a three-tier rotating shoe rack from Walmart, vertical ID badges, ID clips, and shower curtain hooks to make her own Clip It Up for under $40.

So what do you think I did? I bought all the same supplies to make my own!!!
embellishments in ID badges

The only problem is, the Mainstays three-tier shoe rack is only available in stores. You can't order it online. And it's not available in EVERY Walmart store. The nearest Walmart to me did not carry it, but a different Walmart did and the item was eligible for Walmart's Site to Store program. That means, I ordered it online and then went and picked it up at the Services desk at the Walmart store. It was pretty convenient, even though it took me forever to find the Services desk.

You can get a similar one at Target stores, but it's a little more expensive. The Mainstays shoe rack is about $20, depending on your local Walmart prices.

embellishments hanging by
shower curtain clips
The ID badges and clips can be found in the office supplies section, and well, I'm sure you know where to find shower curtain hooks.

My "clip it up" has all three tiers to it. Shells793 only did two. It depends on how much stuff you have and what you plan on hanging from the tiers. Keep in mind, it can also be easily readjusted. (It was super easy to put together, too!)

What do you guys think of this project? Are you going to make your own or do you have another good organizational idea for your scrap supplies? Share in the comments!

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